RAC meetings will be held the week of Nov 9th.  We are urging our members to call or email the RAC members and the WIldlife Board to reject the DWR proposal to allow permanent blind to be built on Willard Spur WMA.  This violates the agreement made with waterfowlers when the WMA was created and it also sets the framework for restrictions and blind draws and overall troubles on the marsh.  PLEASE call or email your regional RAC members immediately! .   

We have hauled in rocks and gravel to fix the Spur boat ramp.  We have installed reflector poles to help guide into the Spur boat ramp.

New signs have been installed at the Pintail Ramp.

Pintail Flat update 10/12/20: The west flow is very overgrown, please use caution when traveling down the overgrown channel.



Utah Airboat Association