Our fall newsletter was mailed out in the first week of September, if you did not get it, please contact Al or R Jefre. 

We have hauled in rocks and gravel to fix the Spur boat ramp.  We have installed reflector poles to help guide into the Spur boat ramp.

New signs are currently being made to replace the signs at the Pintail boat ramp that slobs have shot up and ruined.

Pintail Flat update 09/17/21: The west flow is VERY overgrown and it is in the worst condition that it has ever been in.  Water is being released and it should be better after a bunch of boats have pushed through the phrag. It is VERY dry beyond the phrag line.

Willard Spur - Good water for airboats but below the Harold Crane WMA there is very little water.  Use EXTREME caution!



Utah Airboat Association