Airboat Association summer event:

Join us for a boat rodeo and fun run! We will be getting together at the Willard Spur parking lot starting at 8:00 AM on June 19th for a summer boat run and cookout.  There will be prizes and several guns given away to our members.  As an added incentive to get current on our yearly dues, we will be giving away a special gun for current members only. To get your dues paid you can use Venmo (Utah Airboat) or we can take your credit card in person or over the phone.  As always we will take cash and check too.  To get your dues paid up, or to check your membership status, contact R. Jefre Hicks (801) 599-5681. 

Bring a chair, bring your family, bring your boat…all are welcome.  See you on June 19th!

Al Corona-President



The Utah Airboat Association is submitting the following comments regarding the regulation of commercial guiding on Waterfowl Management Areas:

  1. The current lack of regulation has allowed abuses and overcrowding of public waterfowling areas, resulting in the lack of hunting opportunity for non-paying hunters.  The Utah Airboat Association feels that there needs to be some guidelines established. The DWR polling shows that the vast majority of waterfowlers in Utah do not want commercial guiding in WMA’s. The Airboat Association agrees with this and agrees with the elimination of commercial guiding on WMA’s.

  2. If commercial guides are allowed (with a Special Use Permit) to cross WMA boundaries and use WMA parking lots, then these boats and vehicles should be clearly marked with signage and numbers that allow for easy identification from a distance anytime a commercial boat is on the water or while vehicles are parked in a boat launch parking area.

  3. All guide boats must keep a user log to record all uses of any vessel operated by a commercial entity that crosses a WMA boundary, the number of hunting AND scouting trips, the number of customers hunting, and the harvest data of birds taken during the commercial hunt. This log should be readily available at all times for inspection by the DWR or any other law enforcement agency. The data collected should be used to determine impacts on resources and waterfowl.

  4. The DWR should limit the number of guide permits that allow the use of a WMA parking area of for crossing a WMA property line to no more than 3 boat permits each year with a review process by the DWR before any renewals.

  5. The DWR should establish a complaint process for the public to log abuses by guide services.

  6. Special Use Permit rules should be issued by the DWR rather than having each WMA manger create his/her own set of rules.

  7. The DWR should implement a study on the effects of excessive hunting pressure by commercial guiding on species such as green-wing teal and northern shovelers.  

  8. Willard Spur WMA has two duck clubs currently operating within the WMA boundary.  These clubs have an agreement to continue to operate but should be subject to the same reporting and special identification requirements that any other guide service would be required to comply with.

Thank you,

Utah Airboat Association