As of Nov 17th--

Many of the areas are now freezing up with skim ice in most places and 1inch thick ice in some interior ponds.  Now is the time to check your boat for any issues that may cause trouble in freezing conditions. Battery condition and steering cable issues are two big things to check.  Another thing to look at is the bottom of the hull (if you have poly) and check to see that all poly blots are properly countersunk and not sticking out where it can dig into the ice. 

As of September 2022--

Willard Spur is still very dry in nearly all areas and the BRBR has not opened the O-Line, so no water is flowing into the dogears (C- Blocks). BRBR is filling their interior units within the tour loop, but not much is flowing into Bear River Bay.. 

 Pintail Flat has water flowing right now because of special releases for the youth hunt but these will end shortly. There is currently no water flowing out to the marsh or to the lake from the west flow at Pintail Flat.

Launching conditions:

Pintail ramp has good launching conditions, but the channel currently  dries out less than a mile from the ramp.  There is no marsh or lake access. It is very dry out there.


Farmington Bay has acceptable launching conditions, but the marshes are very difficult to access.  There are birds are around but conditions will be very crowded as many airboats will be crowding into very little space.  

Willard Spur has marginal launching conditions, (low water) and is very, very low until the end of the main flow.  The Spur has a pool of water that reaches along the Willard Bay dike but it ends there and no access to any wetlands farther west is currently available. 

Bear River Refuge launch conditions  are unknown as of this update.