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Sept 9th at Willard Spur:  Member cookout and fun run!

Cookout starts at 10;30 AM

Spring banquet is on APRIL 22nd 2023.

Please RSVP to R Jefre at or text.  Doors open at 6:00 PM. Guests and family will need to pay for their meal, but member's meal is included in your membership fee. The cost of the meal is $35.00. Yes, we know that it is more expensive for the meal than the cost of the membership, but it is a way to give a little back to our members this year.

Launching conditions:

Pintail ramp has good launching conditions, but the channel currently  dries out less than a mile from the ramp.  There is no marsh or lake access. It is very dry out there.


Farmington Bay has acceptable launching conditions, but the marshes are very difficult to access.  There are birds are around but conditions will be very crowded as many airboats will be crowding into very little space.  

Willard Spur has marginal launching conditions, (low water) and is very, very low until the end of the main flow.  The Spur has a pool of water that reaches along the Willard Bay dike but it ends there and no access to any wetlands farther west is currently available. 

Bear River Refuge launch conditions  are unknown as of this update. 


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