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Events of Interest

2024 Nesting Project will be at Farmington Bay at 8:00 am on Feb 24th.

The DWR wants all volunteers to pre register at:

Spring banquet will be on April 20th at the Timbermine..  Meal is included with your membership dues ($40.00)

It is time to give your airboat a quick maintenance check.  Are the prop bolts torqued correctly? Are there any loose bolts on the motor mounts or in any of the boat infrastructure?  Do you have a 2x4 and a shovel to get unstuck if need be?  Do you have at least 100 feet of STRONG rope?  These are just a few of the MANY things to stay on top of.  Have a GREAT season and stay SAFE!!

Have an idea for a project that helps airboaters, waterfowl, or the GSL wetlands?  Let us know!


The Association went out and marked the channel at Farmington Bay with new poles (with flags) and we repositioned most of the reflector poles to better locations.  That channel should be a bit safer now.

Coyote Alert!!

This our yearly reminder to our members that coyotes in the marsh are a waterfowler's best friend.  Coyotes in our wetlands here in Utah do not tolerate foxes, raccoons, skunks and other duck predators in their territories..  Because of the increasing populations of coyotes, we have have much improved nesting success and lower overall predation of waterfowl in our GSL wetlands. Please DO NOT kill our waterfowl partners (coyotes) in our wetlands.

P.S. This does not include coyotes in the foothills, deserts, or mountains...we are mostly concerned about waterfowl production in the GSL wetlands.


.Legislative ALERT!!

Feb 1rst, 2022

The Utah Airboat Association encourages our members to contact their legislator (text or email) and urge them to support bills that help the GSL, Utah Lake, and water available for waterfowl. To find your representative, use this link District Map ( or google Utah legislative lookup.

Some of the important bills in the last legislative session were::

HB 33 Instream Flow (Rep. Joel Ferry): This bill would allow water rights holders to lease water for the purpose of maintaining the GSL and other sovereign land. This would be a very important tool to allow water to reach the GSL and our wetlands. 

HB 157 Sovereign Lands Revenue Amendments (Rep. Hawkes): This bill requires money derived from the GSL (such as royalties and mineral leases) to actually be used for lake improvement and management. The GSL itself has no water rights, but this would allow the Division of Fire, Forestry and State Lands to acquire water rights for use on our sovereign lands (mostly the GSL and our wetlands).

HB 118 Wetland Amendments (Rep. Snider): This bill would require collection of wetland data to provide the state with information on wetlands and require a study of in-lieu wetland mitigation. They can’t help protect our wetlands if they have no data!

We DO NOT support: HB 232 Utah Lake Authority (Rep. Brammer): This bill provides a mechanism to allow the Utah Lake authority to make changes to the Utah Lake which could easily lead to dredging and building islands in Utah Lake for housing developments.  It is not a good thing for waterfowlers, but it would be great for developers.  On the other hand, HB 240 Utah Lake (Rep. Stratton) would require any selling off of Utah Lake sovereign lands to first be approved by the legislature. That is the least they can do before selling off our public lands around and under Utah Lake!


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